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Department Head

Douglas J. Kennett

  • Department Head and Professor of Anthropology

(814) 867-0005

Evolutionary and Ecological Theory, Human Behavioral Ecology, Environmental Archaeology, Integrated Archaeological Science, Climate and Society


Douglas Bird

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology

(814) 863-1096

Ethnoarchaeology, socio-ecological systems, livelihoods in arid lands, behavioral ecology, Aboriginal Australia

Rebecca Bliege Bird

  • Professor of Anthropology

(814) 863-2391

Human-environment interactions, Hunter gatherer socio-ecology, human behavioral ecology, costly signaling, gender

José M. Capriles

  • Assistant Professor of Anthropology

(814) 865-7835

Environmental archaeology, pastoralism, South American archaeology, zooarchaeology

Kristina G. Douglass

  • Assistant Professor of Anthropology

(814) 865-2937

Human-environment interaction, anthropology and archaeology of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean, coastal and island archaeology, ethnohistory, ethnoarchaeology, historical ecology, extinction, migration, ethnogenesis

Sagan Friant

  • Assistant Research Professor
  • Huck Institutes - Life Sciences

(814) 865-3129

Evolutionary anthropology of human health, disease ecology, nutrition, socio-ecological systems, bushmeat hunting, Nigeria

Luke Glowacki

  • Assistant Professor of Anthropology

(814) 867-0013

Warfare and violence, collective behavior, human behavioral ecology, small-scale societies, social organization

Ken Hirth

  • Professor of Anthropology

(814) 863-9647

Ancient economy, Mesoamerican archaeology, cultural complexity, household archaeology, craft production

Nina Jablonski

  • Evan Pugh University Professor of Anthropology

Paleoanthropology, Human adaptation, Skin pigmentation, Human diversity, STEM education

Stephen A. Matthews

  • Liberal Arts Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, Demography, and Geography
  • Courtesy School of International Affairs
  • Director, Graduate Program in Demography

(814) 863-9721

Demography, Spatial Inequality, Population Health, Ecologic Exposure, Spatial Analysis

Sarah McClure

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology

(814) 863-2694

Behavioral ecology, environmental archaeology, origins & spread of agriculture & animal husbandry; Landscape evolution & biodiversity; Cultural transmission & emergence of social complexity; Faunal & ceramic analysis, including stable isotope and geochemi

George Milner

  • Distinguished Professor of Anthropology

(814) 865-2509

Eastern North American archaeology; Small-scale society warfare; Paleodemography; Paleoepidemiology; Skeletal age estimation

George (PJ) Perry

  • Harry J. & Elissa M. Sichi Early Career Professor in Anthropology
  • Associate Professor of Anthropology and Biology

(814) 863-7654

Anthropological genomics, Paleogenomics (ancient DNA), Human rainforest hunter-gatherers, Human impacts on non-human evolutionary biology, Parasites as proxies for human evolution, Madagascar people and lemurs

David Puts

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology

(814) 867-0453

behavioral endocrinology, evolutionary psychology, sex differences, sexual selection, sexuality

Joan Richtsmeier

  • Distinguished Professor of Anthropology

(814) 863-0562

Craniofacial development, Craniosynostosis, Genetics of craniofacial development, and Genotype-phenotype correspondence

Asher Yoel Rosinger

  • Assistant Professor of Biobehavioral Health and Anthropology

Water and dietary intake, water insecurity, hydration status, environmental and lifestyle transitions, anthropometrics, global health

Timothy Ryan

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology

(814) 865-1531

human evolution, trabecular bone, biomechanics, skeletal biology microCT

Mary K. Shenk

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology & Demography
  • Faculty Associate, Population Research Institute
  • Faculty Affiliate, Center for Human Ecology

(814) 863-1045

Human behavioral ecology, anthropological demography, evolutionary demography, fertility, parental investment, marriage, kinship, inequality, India, Bangladesh

Mark Shriver

  • Professor of Anthropology

(814) 863-1078

Human Genetics, Population Genetics, Population Genomics, Sexually Dimorphism, Pigmentation, Hair Form, Facial Features, Predictive Biometrics, Molecular Photofitting, DNA Phenotyping

Instructors and Researchers

Christina Bergey

  • Post Doctoral Scholar

(814) 863-3869

Evolutionary genomics, Population and comparative genomics, Rainforest hunter-gatherers, Hybridization, Old World monkey phylogenetics, Mosquito population genomics

Anne Buchanan

  • Adjunct Senior Research Associate in Anthropology

George Chaplin

  • Senior Research Associate

(814) 865-2509

Stefani Crabtree

  • Post Doctoral Scholar

(814) 863-2244

Brendan J. Culleton, PhD

  • Research Associate

(814) 865-5342

Alejandra Domic

  • Post Doctoral Scholar in Paleoethnobotany

(814) 865-7835

Laurie Eccles

  • Research Technologist

(814) 865-5342

Susan Toby Evans, Ph.D.

  • Series Editor, Occasional Papers in Anthropology

(814) 865-2509

Kirk French

  • Associate Teaching Professor of Anthropology

(814) 865-1142

Social and Economic Impacts of Alcohol, Documentary Film

Kathleen (Katie) Grogan

  • Post Doctoral Scholar

(814) 867-0456

Thomas Kelley Harper

  • Post Doctoral Scholar

(814) 865-5342

Settlement archaeology, Holocene climate change, paleoenvironment, subsistence, demography, GIS, radiocarbon dating, European prehistory, Mesoamerica, Southwest US

Kazuhiko Kawasaki

  • Assistant Research Professor of Anthropology

(814) 863-0032

Corey Liebowitz

  • Research Assistant

(814) 865-2313

Stephanie Marciniak

  • Post Doctoral Scholar

(814) 867-0456

Claire Milner

  • Associate Research Professor and Curator & Director of Exhibits

(814) 865-2033

Susan Motch Perrine

  • Assistant Research Professor of Anthropology

David Nolin

  • Post Doctoral Scholar

Laurel Pearson

  • Assistant Teaching Professor of Anthropology

(814) 863-7740

M. Kathleen Pitirri

  • Assistant Research Professor

(814) 865-2066

Eréndira M. Quintana Morales

  • Post Doctoral Scholar in African Environmental Archaeology

(814) 867-0003

Erick Rochette

  • Assistant Teaching Professor of Anthropology

(814) 863-4388

Pat Shipman

  • Adjunct Professor of Anthropology

Nicholas Stephens

  • Post Doctoral Scholar

(814) 865-0796

Martin Welker

  • Post Doctoral Scholar

(814) 867-0014

Human-Environmental Interaction, Colonization Events, Zooarchaeology, Morphometrics, Species Introductions, Environmental Modification/Land Use, Evolutionary Ecology, Human Behavioral Ecology

Joshua Wisor

  • Research Technologist

(814) 865-0796


Lisa Batchelor

  • Undergraduate Administrative Support Assistant

(814) 865-9752

Betty Blair

  • Administrative Support Assistant to the Department Head and Administrative Services

(814) 867-0005

Audrey Chambers

  • Graduate Administrative Support Assistant

(814) 867-0009

Tammy Hosterman

  • Liberal Arts Financial Assistant

(814) 867-0021

Robin Kephart

  • Administrative Support Coordinator

(814) 867-0006

Tess Wilson

  • Research Technologist

(814) 867-0454

Graduate Students

Zaid Ismaeel Alrawi

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Landscape Archaeology and GIS

Toe Aung

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

(814) 867-0015

Richard Bankoff

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

(814) 863-3869

Gina Buckley

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Isotope Analysis, Bioarchaeology, Mesoamerican Archaeology, Mortuary Rituals, Urbanization, Paleodemography, Migration

Dani Buffa

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

(814) 867-0003

Human-environment interactions, island and coastal archaeology, estuarine and marine resource use, paleoecology, ethnohistory, GIS

Darcy Calabria

  • IUG Graduate Student

Ebony Creswell

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

(814) 867-0456

Dylan S. Davis

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

(814) 865-5342

Human-environmental interaction, Settlement patterns, GIS, Remote sensing, Evolutionary theory, Spatial analysis, Coastal & island archaeology, Climate change

Lily Doershuk

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Human evolution, skeletal biology, bone biomechanics, physical activity, diet, trabecular bone, microCT

Patrick Druggan

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Human-environmental interactions, isotope biogeochemistry, GIS, paleoclimatology, modeling

Bianca L. Gentil

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

America Guerra

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

(814) 865-0796

Noah Haber

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

(814) 863-2244

Jennifer Haney

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Paleoethnobotany, Anthropogenic Landscapes
Circum-Caribbean ancient human ecology

Timothy Hay

  • IUG Graduate Student

Diego Hernandez

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Margarita Hernandez

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Sean Hixon

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

(814) 865-5342

Nadia Johnson

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Emily Kate

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Mesoamerican Archaeology, Bioarchaeology, Paleodemography, and Migration Studies

Tina Lasisi

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Human variation, hair morphology, evolution, pigmentation

Kate Lesciotto

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Human Anatomy; Skeletal Biology; Morphological and Genetic Variation in Modern Humans; Forensic Anthropology; Geometric Morphometrics

Chloe McGuire

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

(814) 863-2244

Archaeometry, Geophysics, Paleohydrology, Agricultural Intensification, Mesoamerica, Remote Sensing, Complex Societies, Urbanism, Environmental Change, State Formation

Casana Popp

  • IUG Graduate Student

Kevin Rosenfield

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Talia Shirazi

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Laura Stelson

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

(814) 865-5342

Suzanna (Anna) Tremblay

  • Graduate Student and AGSA President

(814) 867-0014

Nicholas Triozzi

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

human-environment interactions, cooperation, collective action, GIS & GIScience, geoinformatics, spatial cognition, complex adaptive systems, data visualization, museum studies

Ziyu (Raining) Wang

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Julie White

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Human facial variation and health; dysmorphological facial phenotypes; evolution of facial features; human skin pigmentation

Affiliated Graduate Students

Cory Henderson

  • Biology Program Graduate Student

(814) 863-3869

Alexis Sullivan

  • Biology Program Graduate Student

(814) 863-3869

Evolutionary biology, genomics, morphology, body size, and human hunting

David Villalta

  • Ecology Program Graduate Student

(814) 867-0456


Stephen Beckerman

  • Associate Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

Paul Durrenberger

  • Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

Patricia Johnson

  • Associate Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Demography, and Women's Studies

(814) 865-3129

Joseph Michels

  • Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

Warren Morrill

  • Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

Lee Newsom

  • Associate Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

Human ecology, Paleoethnobotany, Paleoecology, Environmental Archaeology, Wood Anatomy

Dean Snow

  • Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

(814) 865-2509

David Webster

  • Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

(814) 865-1897

Kenneth Weiss

  • Evan Pugh Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Genetics

(814) 865-0989

James Wood

  • Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Demography

(814) 865-1936

Courtesy Appointments

Alexander Fattal

  • Assistant Professor of Communications and Anthropology

(814) 863-1482

Santhosh Girirajan

  • Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Anthropology

(814) 867-4373

Carter Hunt

  • Assistant Professor in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management and Anthropology

(814) 863-9773

Ann E. Killebrew

  • Associate Professor, Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Jewish Studies, and Anthropology

(814) 865-1686

Bronwen Powell

  • Assistant Professor of Geography, African Studies, and Anthropology

(814) 865-1187

Matthew B. Restall

  • Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Colonial Latin American History, Anthropology and Women's Studies

Amara Solari

  • Associate Professor of Art History and Anthropology

(814) 865-4883

Nicole Squyres

  • Assistant Teaching Professor of Biology and Anthropology

(814) 863-8019

Catherine Wanner

  • Professor of History, Anthropology and Religious Studies

John Waters

  • Associate Teaching Professor of Biology and Anthropology

(814) 863-1154


Evolution of human sexuality and applied social dynamics

Sean Carr

  • IUG Graduate Student

Evolutionary psychology and human sex differences

Eric Dyrdahl

  • Profesor Auxiliar, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador

Economic Anthropology, Interregional Interaction, Craft Production, Geochemical Sourcing, Shellworking, Obsidian

Claire Ebert

  • Visiting Scholar, Center for Comparative Archaeology (University of Pittsburgh)

Emergence of complexity, Human-environment interaction, Formative Mesoamerica, Household and settlement archaeology, Ancient economies, Radiocarbon dating, Stable isotope analysis, geochemical sourcing, GIS and remote sensing

Kevin V Flaherty

  • Ph.D. Graduate 2018

Craniofacial Development and Morphology

Lia Gavazzi

  • IUG Graduate Student

Skeletal Age Estimation, Human Variation, Bioarchaeology, Forensic Anthropology

Anne Hayward

  • Graduate Student

Mesoamerican archaeology and textiles

Elijah Hermitt

  • IUG Graduate Student

Alex Hill

  • Lecturer
  • Biocultural Anthropology
  • University of Washington

behavioral biology, biological anthropology, primatology, sexual selection, vocalization

Christopher Jazwa

  • Post Doctoral Scholar

(814) 863-2244

Coastal Human Paleoecology, Archaeometry

Eric Jones

  • Ph.D. Graduate, 2008

Logan Kistler

  • Senior Research Fellow

Kelsey Kjosness

  • Ph.D. Graduate, 2017

Human Evolutionary and Developmental Biology

Sandra Koch

  • Ph.D.Graduate 2018

(814) 867-0018

Human variation with a focus on hair microstructure and morphology, TEM, microscopy, forensic analysis

Denise Liberton

  • Ph.D. Graduate, 2012

Greg Luna

  • Lecturer of Anthropology

(814) 865-1341

Mesoamerica, Chinampa Agriculture, GIS

Allison Machnicki

  • Ph.D. Penn State - 2017

Anatomy, Functional Morphology, and Developmental Biology
Violence and Warfare, Osteology, Viking Age, Early Medieval NW Europe, GIS

Alan Moseley

  • IUG Graduate Student

disease ecology, anthropological demography, molecular epidemiology, spatial demography and epidemiology
Functional Morphology

Chris Percival

  • Post Doctoral Researcher

Evolutionary Biological Anthropology and Sexual Selection

John Starbuck

  • Ph.D. Graduate, Spring 2012

Functional Morphology
Vitamin D and Bone Microstructure
Evolution of Human Sexuality

Eric Young

  • Graduate Student

Mesoamerican Archaeology

Arslan Zaidi

  • Genetics Program Graduate Student

Emily Zavodny

  • Research Assistant

Human-Environment Interaction, Emergence of Social Complexity, European Prehistory, Faunal Analysis, Stable Isotopes, Human & Animal Diet Modeling, Spread of Agriculture & Animal Husbandry, Mortuary Archaeology, Warfare