Biological Anthropology ARCHAEOLOGY HUMAN ECOLOGY Penn State Anthropology


Professor of Anthropology
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Archaeology, Human Ecology
Ethnoarchaeology, socio-ecological systems, livelihoods in arid lands, behavioral ecology, Aboriginal Australia
Professor of Anthropology
(814) 863-2391
Archaeology, Human Ecology
Human-environment interactions, Hunter gatherer socio-ecology, human behavioral ecology, costly signaling, gender
Associate Professor of Anthropology
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Archaeology, Human Ecology
Environmental archaeology, human ecology, pastoralism, South American archaeology, zooarchaeology
Director of the Matson Museum of Anthropology
Associate Research Professor of Anthropology
Affiliate Professor of Art History
(814) 865-2033
Archaeology, Art History, Museum Studies
Archaeology of the Americas, Mesoamerican Art and Architecture, Maya civilization, material and visual culture, museum studies, decolonization/indigenization, ancient politics
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
(814) 865-3129
Biological Anthropology, Human Ecology
Evolutionary anthropology of human health, disease ecology, nutrition, socio-ecological systems, bushmeat hunting, Nigeria
Professor of Anthropology
(814) 863-9647
Anthropology GIS Lab, Archaeology, Archaeology at Penn State, Human Ecology, Mesoamerican Economy and Archaeology Lab
Ancient economy, Mesoamerican archaeology, cultural complexity, household archaeology, craft production
Atherton Professor, Evan Pugh Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
Biological Anthropology, Human Ecology, Jablonski Paleoanthropology Lab
Paleoanthropology, Human adaptation, Evolution of human skin, Skin pigmentation, Human diversity, Race and racism, STEM education
Liberal Arts Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, Demography, and Geography
Courtesy School of International Affairs
Biological Anthropology, Human Ecology
Demography, Spatial Inequality, Population Health, Ecologic Exposure, Spatial Analysis
Distinguished Professor of Anthropology
(814) 865-2509
Archaeology, Archaeology at Penn State, Bioarchaeology Lab, Biological Anthropology
Eastern North American archaeology; Small-scale society warfare; Paleodemography; Paleoepidemiology; Skeletal age estimation
Professor of Anthropology and Biology
(814) 863-7654
Biological Anthropology, Human Ecology
Anthropological genomics, Paleogenomics (ancient DNA), Human rainforest hunter-gatherers, Human impacts on non-human evolutionary biology, Parasites as proxies for human evolution, Madagascar people and lemurs
Professor of Anthropology
(814) 867-0453
Biological Anthropology, Human Ecology, Puts Lab
behavioral endocrinology, evolutionary psychology, sex differences, sexual selection, sexuality
Distinguished Emerita Professor of Anthropology
(814) 863-0562
Biological Anthropology, Morphometrics and Image Lab
Craniofacial development, Craniosynostosis, Genetics of craniofacial development, and Genotype-phenotype correspondence
Associate Professor of Biobehavioral Health and Anthropology. Environmental Health Sciences Program Area Leader
Director of Water, Health and Nutrition Lab
Biological Anthropology, Human Ecology
Water and dietary intake, water insecurity, hydration status, environmental and lifestyle transitions, anthropometrics, global health
Head and Professor of Anthropology
(814) 867-0005
Biological Anthropology, Center for Quantitative X-Ray Imaging
Human evolution, trabecular bone, biomechanics, skeletal biology microCT
Associate Professor of Anthropology, Demography, and Asian Studies
Faculty Associate, Population Research Institute
Faculty Affiliate, Center for Human Ecology
(814) 863-1045
Human Ecology
Human behavioral ecology, anthropological demography, evolutionary demography, fertility, parental investment, marriage, kinship, inequality, India, Bangladesh
Professor of Anthropology
(814) 863-1078
Anthropological Genomics Lab, Biological Anthropology
Human Genetics, Population Genetics, Population Genomics, Sexually Dimorphism, Pigmentation, Hair Form, Facial Features, Predictive Biometrics, Molecular Photofitting, DNA Phenotyping
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Bioethics
(814) 867-0016
Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Human Ecology
Microbiome adaptation and evolution; medical microbiology; anthropological genetics; ancient DNA; paleomicrobiology; paleoecology; bioethics; dentistry; and Indigenous health


Biological Anthropology, Genetics

Understanding the dynamics of socio-ecological systems is essential for explaining evolutionary, ecological, and historical processes. Our scientific team engages in the study of human behavior, adaptation, and transformation of its environment over time by relying on the material remains left by people and recovered by archaeologists and other paleoscientists. Our Environmental Archaeology Lab aims to test hypotheses, construct explanatory models, and provide case-studies about the changing nature of human-environment interactions over many spatiotemporal scales. Most of our research focuses on Precolumbian South America, but we are interested in general and comparative case-studies. Our work is an interdisciplinary and international effort involving a wide group of collaborators.