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Landscape Archaeology and GIS
Richard Bankoff
Ph.D. Graduate, 2020
Gina M. Buckley
Ph.D. Graduate Student
Isotope Analysis, Bioarchaeology, Mesoamerican Archaeology, Mortuary Rituals, Urbanization, Paleodemography, Migration
Evolution of human sexuality and applied social dynamics
IUG Graduate Student
Rebecca Coleman
Graduate Student
Human-environmental interaction, settlement patterns, GIS, remote sensing, human behavioral ecology, evolutionary theory, spatial analysis, coastal & island archaeology, climate change
Evolutionary psychology and human sex differences
Eric Dyrdahl
Profesor Auxiliar, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador
Ken Hirth
Claire Ebert
Visiting Scholar, Center for Comparative Archaeology (University of Pittsburgh)
Dr. Douglas Kennett
Kevin V Flaherty
Ph.D. Graduate 2018
Craniofacial Development and Morphology
Tori D. Gamel
IUG Graduate Student
human behavioral ecology, costly-signaling, anthropology, ancient historical ecology, warfare and violence, collective behavior, social organization
Lia Gavazzi
IUG Graduate Student
Bianca L. Gentil
Ph.D. Graduate Student
Richard J. George
Ph.D. Graduate 2020
Near Eastern Archaeology, Political Ecology, GIS
David Webster
Jeffrey Grossi
IUG Graduate Student
Cultural Resource Management, Experimental Archaeology, Public Outreach, Mongolian History and Culture, Classical and Mediterranean History and Archaeology
Ph.D. Graduate Student
Paleoethnobotany, Anthropogenic Landscapes
Doug Kennett
Mesoamerican archaeology and textiles
Elijah Hermitt
IUG Graduate Student
Alex Hill
Biocultural Anthropology
University of Washington
David Puts
Sean Hixon
Ph.D. Graduate Student
(814) 865-5342
Christopher Jazwa
Post Doctoral Scholar
(814) 863-2244
Douglas Kennett
Nadia Johnson
Ph.D. Graduate 2020
Eric Jones
Ph.D. Graduate, 2008
Emily  Kate
Ph.D. Graduate Student
Mesoamerican Archaeology, Bioarchaeology, Paleodemography, and Migration Studies
James Wood
Senior Research Fellow
Lee Newsom
Kelsey Kjosness
Ph.D. Graduate, 2017
Human Evolutionary and Developmental Biology
Sandra Koch
Ph.D.Graduate 2018
(814) 867-0018
Nina Jablonski
Kate M.  Lesciotto
Ph.D. Graduate 2020
Dr. Joan T. Richtsmeier
Denise Liberton
Ph.D. Graduate, 2012
Mark Shriver
Lecturer of Anthropology
(814) 865-1341
Mesoamerica, Chinampa Agriculture, GIS
Ph.D. Penn State - 2017
Anatomy, Functional Morphology, and Developmental Biology
Kendall McGill
Graduate Student
Violence and Warfare, Osteology, Viking Age, Early Medieval NW Europe, GIS
Archaeometry, Geophysics, Paleohydrology, Agricultural Intensification, Mesoamerica, Remote Sensing, Complex Societies, Urbanism, Environmental Change, State Formation
IUG Graduate Student
James Wood
Functional Morphology
Post Doctoral Researcher
Lauramarie Pope
Graduate Student
Evolutionary Biological Anthropology and Sexual Selection
David Puts
IUG Graduate Student
Corey Sparks
Associate Professor
John Starbuck
Ph.D. Graduate, Spring 2012
Joan Richtsmeier
Functional Morphology
Evolutionary biology, genomics, morphology, body size, and human hunting
Vitamin D and Bone Microstructure
human-environment interactions, cooperation, collective action, GIS & GIScience, geoinformatics, spatial cognition, complex adaptive systems, data visualization, museum studies
Jennifer Wagner
Academic Affiliate and Ph.D. Graduate 2010
Dr. Kenneth Weiss
Ziyu (Raining) Wang
Ph.D. Graduate Student
Martin Welker
Ph.D. Graduate, 2018
Human-Environmental Interaction, Colonization Events, Zooarchaeology, Morphometrics, Species Introductions, Environmental Modification/Land Use, Evolutionary Ecology, Human Behavioral Ecology
Graduate Student
Evolution of Human Sexuality
Julie White
Ph.D. Graduate 2019
Human facial variation and health; dysmorphological facial phenotypes; evolution of facial features; human skin pigmentation
Graduate Student
Mesoamerican Archaeology
Mesoamerican archaeology, ceramic analysis, linguistics, burial sites
Arslan Zaidi
Genetics Program Graduate Student
Human-Environment Interaction, Emergence of Social Complexity, European Prehistory, Faunal Analysis, Stable Isotopes, Human & Animal Diet Modeling, Spread of Agriculture & Animal Husbandry, Mortuary Archaeology, Warfare