Land and Water

Land and Water

Teotihuacan Valley, Mexico in 1961 (photo taken by William Mather, III Anthropology Alumnus 1968)

“Land and Water” was the title of William Sanders’s dissertation on the relationship between these two crucial resources in the Teotihuacan Valley, Mexico.  Sanders and his work inspired many other programs of research in Penn State’s Anthropology Department, which continues to focus on landscape archaeology and hydrology.  On this web page are links to Sanders’s work and that of his colleagues.

Penn State scholars working at the intersection of landscape archaeology and hydrology

In Anthropology:

  • Susan Toby Evans
  • Kirk D. French
  • Kenneth Hirth
  • Greg Luna
  • Dean Snow
  • David Webster

In Other Departments:

  • Christopher Duffy (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • Larry Gorenflo
    (Landscape Architecture)
  • Timothy Murtha
    (Landscape Architecture)
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