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Courtesy Appointments

Courtesy Appointments

Series Editor, Occasional Papers in Anthropology
(814) 865-2509
Associate Professor of Genomics in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Anthropology
(814) 867-4373
Carter Hunt
Associate Professor in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management and Anthropology
(814) 863-9773
Associate Professor, Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Jewish Studies, and Anthropology
(814) 865-1686
Bronwen Powell
Assistant Professor of Geography, African Studies, and Anthropology
(814) 865-1187
Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Colonial Latin American History, Anthropology and Women's Studies
Professor of Art History and Anthropology
(814) 865-4883
Nicole Squyres
Assistant Teaching Professor of Biology and Anthropology
(814) 863-8019
Biological anthropology, human anatomy, functional morphology, evolution of bipedalism, body mass estimation, geometric morphometric analysis
Catherine Wanner
Professor of History, Anthropology and Religious Studies
Teaching Professor of Biology and Anthropology
(814) 863-1154