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Human Evolution and Diversity Lab


The research activities of the Human Evolution and Diversity Lab are focused on questions of primate and human evolution, including those surrounding the evolution of morphological diversity.  Members of the lab are involved in basic scientific research and in science education research aimed at improving public understanding and engagement in science.

At present, researchers in the Lab are affiliated with one or more of the four projects listed below.  Undergraduate students or potential graduate students interested in any of these project areas should contact Nina Jablonski (ngj2 at psu dot edu) or Tess Wilson (tmw119 at psu dot edu).


Image: Cut-paper illustration by Gail McCormick, from map by Nina Jablonski and George Chaplin.


Evolution of Human Skin and Skin Pigmentation



Evolution of Diversity in Human Hair Form and Color



Use of Personalized Genetics and Genealogy Curriculum in STEM Education



Evolution of Old World Monkeys