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Lab Members

Nina Jablonski wearing a visor

 Dr. Nina Jablonski

Evan Pugh University Professor of Anthropology, Director of the Center for Human Evolution and Diversity




George Chaplin

Senior Research Associate specializing in the use of GIS and spatial sciences to study human culture and evolution




Tess Wilson

Senior Research Technologist specializing in research administration and data collection while managing the lab





Dr. Tina Lasisi

Postdoctoral researcher specializing in the evolution of human hair variation






Dr. Hsin-Yu Chen

Affiliated Researcher specializing in how perceptions and attitudes towards skin color influence behavior





Lab Alumni

Dr. Sandra Koch (Ph.D. student, graduated 2018)

Dr. Elizabeth Wright (Postdoctoral researcher, 2015-2018)

Anna Swiatoniowski (M.A. student, graduated 2013)

Dr. Jennie Jin (Ph.D. student, graduated 2010)

Dr. Denise Su (Postdoctoral researcher, 2009-2010)

Dr. Holly Dunsworth (Postdoctoral researcher 2007-2009)