Dr. Holly Dunsworth

Holly Dunsworth is a biological anthropologist at the University of Rhode Island where she teaches with new and original approaches aimed at overturning evolutionary misconceptions and outdated evolutionary dogma that students bring to college. Although she began her career as a paleoanthropologist, she has a broad background that carries her interests beyond the fossil record.

At the early Miocene sites on Rusinga Island, Kenya, she has performed paleontological research where ancient fossil apes are preserved, but she’s turned her focus to living primates including, of course, humans.

She is particularly interested in how the anatomical, physiological, and behavioral traits related to making, growing, and raising offspring evolved, how we narrate that evolutionary history, and how our narratives (some of which are flawed, like the “obstetrical dilemma” and the notion that men are specially built for competition) impact culture and society.

Recent Publications

Dunsworth, HM. 2020. Expanding the evolutionary explanations for sex differences in the human skeleton. Evolutionary Anthropology 29108– 116.
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