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Skin: A Natural History

Skin English edition"When you meet people, whether they're fully clothed on the street or scantily clad on the beach, the first part of their body that you see, smell, and perhaps touch is the skin. Skin is our largest and most visible organ, our personal poster board for decoration and advertisement. Nina Jablonski gives us the best and most fascinating account of everything that you might want to know about the packaging of our anatomy."

- Jared Diamond 
author of Collapse and Guns, Germs, and Steel


"This fascinating book traces the long evolutionary history of our integument, revealing a whole host of essential skin functions that most of us have probably never even thought of."

- Ian Tattersall 
author of The Fossil Trail


"A fascinating and comprehensive account of the biological and cultural aspects of human skin."

- John Relethford 
SUNY College at Oneonta


Chapter 1: Skin Laid Bare
Chapter 2: History
Chapter 3: Sweat
Chapter 4: Skin and Sun
Chapter 5: Skin's Dark Secret
Chapter 6: Color
Chapter 7: Touch
Chapter 8: Emotions, Sex, and Skin
Chapter 9: Wear and Tear
Chapter 10: Statements
Chapter 11: Future Skin

Suggested Citation: JABLONSKI, NINA G. 2006. Skin: A Natural History. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. 290 pp.

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