The Origin and Diversification of Language

The Origin and Diversification of Language


The Origin and Diversification of Language
  • Leslie C. Aiello
  • Peter Marler
  • Alex Martin
  • Robert D. Martin
  • Paul A. Mellars
  • Steven Pinker
  • Johanna Nichols
  • Colin Renfrew


Chapter 1: Animal Communication and Human Language
Peter Marler

Chapter 2: The Foundations of Human Language
Leslie C. Aiello

Chapter 3: Comparative Aspects of Human Brain Evolution: Scaling, Energy Costs and Confounding Variables
Robert D. Martin

Chapter 4: Organization of Semantic Knowledge and the Origin of Words in the Brain
Alex Martin

Chapter 5: Neanderthals, Modern Humans and the Archeological Evidence for Language
Paul A. Mellars

Chapter 6: The Evolution of Human Language Faculty
Steven Pinker

Chapter 7: The Origin and Dispersal of Languages: Linguistic Evidence
Johanna Nichols

Chapter 8: The Origins of World Linguistic Diversity: An Archeological Perspective
Colin Renfrew

Suggested Citation: JABLONSKI, NINA G. AND LESLIE C. AIELLO (eds.). 1998. The Origin and Diversification of Language. San Francisco, CA: California Academy of Sciences. 200 pp.