Why PSU Anthropology?
Why PSU Anthropology?

Why PSU Anthropology?


Many graduates with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology go on to graduate school, medical school, or law school, but the scientific, analytical, and research training that an anthropology degree provides can be a stepping stone to many other kinds of employment. This includes careers in research organizations, business, government offices, and jobs that require fieldwork with international travel, or specific knowledge in areas such as anatomy, biology, and human cultures.

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Graduate Students

Penn State Anthropology is the top-ranked graduate program in the U.S., according to the National Research Council. NRC rankings are based on

  • Faculty research productivity, quality, and funding
  • Student and faculty diversity
  • Student success: completion percentage, time to degree, and academic plans after graduation
  • Quality of student experience: funding, work space, health insurance, and activities
  • Student GRE scores

Our doctoral program prepares students for careers in archaeology, biological anthropology, and human ecology. We share a commitment to rigorous quantitative methods and empirical analysis, provide students with personally and professionally enriching field and laboratory experiences, and produce scholars who make a difference in society, both within and outside of academia.

We’re very proud of our graduate students! See what some of our former graduate students are doing now!


Top-ranked graduate program
in the U.S., according to the NRC.


Student-to-faculty ratio.


Labs providing field
research opportunities.