Learning Outcome for Student Completing Major (Program Assessment)

Learning Outcome for Student Completing Major (Program Assessment)

Learning Outcome for Student Completing Major (Program Assessment)

Anthropology undergraduates will:

  1. Learn the concepts, theories and major findings of anthropology, that is, human biological and cultural evolution.
  2. Learn the analytical methods of anthropological research, particularly field and laboratory research techniques.
  3. Learn how to generate scientific hypotheses that can be tested with data from field, laboratory or on-line data sets.
  4. ARSCI majors will learn the basic field and laboratory procedures needed for Cultural Resource Management (CRM) as recommended by the Society for American Archaeology.
  5. Acquire informed knowledge of other cultures and diverse ways of life, both past and present and learn how to apply this to the post-graduate, non-university “real world.”
  6. Develop an in-depth knowledge of one aspect of anthropology that is a specific topical or culture area in archaeological, biological or cultural anthropology.
  7. Understand the ethical and social implications of and concerns about anthropological research.

Assessment of the Program

Information will be collected on the number of:

  1. Students with “out of the classroom experience:” field school, research laboratory, – museum or study abroad.
  2. ARSCI and BANTH majors taking a field school or archaeology lab experience.
  3. Students competing in Penn State’s annual Undergrad Research Exhibition.
  4. Students who take study abroad and “other cultures” courses, as stipulated by the department.
  5. Students who fulfill a specific topical track, as stipulated by the department.

In addition, the department will conduct:

  1. Voluntary exit interviews of graduating senior majors in their experience in the department of anthropology.