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Primate Functional Morphology Lab

The research in this lab primarily focuses on primate and human functional morphology, the evolutionary morphology of humans and other primates, and bone biomechanics. In particular, our research makes use of advanced computational techniques such as high-resolution computed tomography imaging (microCT), 3D morphometrics, modeling, and visualization to understand the relationships between bone structure and activity patterns in living and extinct humans and nonhuman primates.

We are engaged in several ongoing projects investigating:

  • Interspecific variation in trabecular bone structure in humans and other primates
  • Ontogenetic development of cortical and trabecular bone in the human postcranial skeleton
  • Functional relationships between human mobility patterns and bone structure using novel three-dimensional quantification techniques
  • Three-dimensional variation in subchondral bone density and trabecular bone structure in relation to locomotor behavior in primates