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The Basin of Mexico GIS Project

Settlement surveys in the Basin of MexicoSince 2006 research funding provided by the National Science Foundation has been used to build a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) database for prehispanic settlement patterns in the Basin of Mexico.  Archaeological surveys conducted in the Basin of Mexico around Mexico City from 1966-1975 by Jeffrey Parsons and Richard Blanton located 2,072 archaeological sites dating from 1200 BC -- AD 1521.  Today most of those sites have been destroyed.  Original site information along with environmental data on soil productivity and rainfall are being compiled into a Geospatial database to retest models of cultural developed based on agricultural intensification proposed for this region since the 1970s.  This project is part of Penn State’s ongoing efforts to build a broad Geospatial data base for prehispanic settlement within Central Mexican highlands.  Training is available within the department for introductory and advanced geospatial research and analysis.