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Bioarchaeology Laboratory

Recent and Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Refining skeletal age-estimation methods using well-documented modern collections from different parts of the world.
  2. Using refined age-estimation methods to improve knowledge of ancient population structures (paleodemography) and disease experiences (paleoepidemiology).
  3. Estimating late prehistoric eastern North American population distribution and size.
  4. Using skeletal and settlement data to identify spatial and temporal patterning in archaeological evidence for late prehistoric (ca. AD 1000-1600) warfare, followed by an examination of the demographic, social, and environmental reasons for variation in the level of intergroup conflict.
  5. Delineating the life experiences of a late prehistoric community in Illinois, Norris Farms #36 dating to ca. AD 1300, using skeletal and archaeological data.


The Moonbuilders book coverA recent overview of prehistoric eastern North America that includes research results from the lab.

George R. Milner The Moundbuilders



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