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Sanders Seminar Series

The Sanders Seminar Series encourages scholarly exchange on topics pertaining to land and water,  exploring modern and ancient cultural adaptations to the challenges of securing and maintaining an adequate supply of water for settlements, farms, and ecological balance.

  • Sanders Seminar 1:  April 26, 2010:  “Landscapes Breathing Water: A Morning with Roland Fletcher” (U. of Sydney) who discussed the Greater Angkor Project (Cambodia).

  • Sanders Seminar 2:  August 4, 2010: “The Basin of Mexico:  Hydrogeology and Water Management” by Jaime J. Carrera-Hernández (Instituto Potosino de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica [San Luis Potosí, Mexico]):  focus on aquifer recharge in the Basin of Mexico, and the impact of urban growth.

  • Sanders Seminar 3: April 30, 2014: "Archaeological Settlement Survey in the Andes" by Charles Stanish (UCLA).