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Dylan S. Davis

Ph.D. Graduate Student

NASA Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium Fellow

303 Carpenter Building
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 867-0003

Office Hours

  • Spring 2020: by appointment

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. M.A. Anthropology, Binghamton University - 2018
  2. B.S. Anthropology & B.A. Geography, Binghamton University (summa cum laude)- 2017
  3. Concentrations: Archaeology and Computer Applications for Human Environmental Analysis


I am an archaeologist specializing in remote sensing applications and human-environmental interaction. I focus primarily on population settlement distributions and their connections to resource use. Central to my research is evolutionary theory and technologies such as remote sensing and GIS. My research largely focuses on island and coastal regions, and seeks to further our understanding of how people interact with and are affected by their environmental surroundings. Currently, my research is focused on establishing linkages between environmental conditions and human settlement patterns in Southwest Madagascar using a variety of paleoclimate proxies and systematic landscape survey of archaeological deposits using remote sensing instruments and machine learning algorithms.

Recent Publications:

Davis, D. S. (2020). Geographic disparity in machine intelligence approaches for archaeological remote sensing research. Remote Sensing. 12(6): 921.

Davis, D. S., Andriankaja, V., Carina, T. L., Chrisostome, Z. M., Colombe, C., Fenomanana, F., Hubertine, L., Justome, R., Lahiniriko, F., Léonce, H., Manahira, G., Pierre, B. V., Roi, R., Soafiavy, P., Victorian, F., Voahirana, V., Manjakahery, B., & Douglass, K. (2020). Satellite-based remote sensing rapidly reveals extensive record of Holocene coastal settlement on Madagascar. Journal of Archaeological Science. 115: 105097.

Davis, D. S., & Douglass, K. (2020). Aerial and Spaceborne Remote Sensing in African Archaeology: A Review of Current Research and Potential Future Avenues. African Archaeological Review. 37(1): 9-24.

Davis, D. S. (2019). Studying human responses to environmental change: Trends and trajectories of archaeological research. Environmental Archaeology: The Journal of Palaeoecology. 1-14.

Davis, D. S. (2019). Object-based image analysis: a review of developments and future directions of automated feature detection in landscape archaeology. Archaeological Prospection. 26(2):155-163.

Davis, D. S., Lipo, C. P., & Sanger, M. C. (2019). A comparison of automated object extraction methods for earthwork feature identification in South Carolina. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports. 23:166-177.

Davis, D. S., Sanger, M. C., & Lipo, C. P. (2019). Automated mound detection using LiDAR and object-based image analysis in Beaufort County, SC. Southeastern Archaeology. 38(1):23-37.

Courses Taught:

ANTH 1: Understanding Humans, Teaching Assistant (SP-2020)

ANTH 9: Rise of Civilization in the Old World, Teaching Assistant (FA-2018, FA-2019)

ANTH 146: Indigenous North America, Instructor (SU-2020)

ANTH 426W: Archaeological Laboratory Analysis, Teaching Assistant (SP-2019)

Media Coverage/Public Impact

Media Coverage of Madagascar Remote Sensing Research: 

Editorial Positions

2020 - Present: Guest Editor, Special Issue, Archaeological Prospection

2020 - Present: Early Career Researcher Board, Archaeological Prospection

Dissertation Chair(s)

Kristina Douglass

Research Interests

Human-environmental interaction, settlement patterns, GIS, remote sensing, human behavioral ecology, evolutionary theory, spatial analysis, coastal & island archaeology, climate change