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Graduate Program Alumni


BANKOFF, Richard–Ph.D. 2020
The Ethics and Efficacy of Conservation in the Region of Masoala National Park, Madagascar (Supervised by Professors George Perry and Rosemary Jolly)

GEORGE, Richard–Ph.D. 2020
Postclassic Population Aggregation, Urban Diet, and Genetic Diversity at the Political Capital of Mayapan (Supervised by Professor Douglas Kennett)

An Investigation on the Evolution and Genetics of Face Shape Sex Differences, and the Ethical Issues of Sex/Gender-Inclusionary Policies (Supervised by Professors Mark Shriver and Eduardo Mendieta)

JOHNSON, Nadia–Ph.D. 2020
Obsidian Exchange and Pioneer Farming in the Formative Period Teotihuacan Valley (Supervised by Professor Kenneth Hirth)

LESCIOTTO, Kate–Ph.D. 2020
Investigating Brain and Skull Development Using Embryonic and Early Postnatal Mice (Supervised by Professor Joan Richtsmeier)

TREMBLAY, Suzanna–Ph.D. 2020
Skeletal Morphology, Grave Goods, and Cemetery Organization:  Mortuary Archaeology to Community Life (Supervised by Professors George Milner and Jim Wood)


HANEY, Jennifer–Ph.D. 2019
The Role of Forest Resources in the Development of a Non-Egalitarian Fisher-Gatherer-Hunter Society in Southwest Florida (Supervised by Professors George Milner and Lee Newsom)

KELMELIS, Kirsten–Ph.D. 2019
The Bioarchaeology of Urbanization in Medieval Denmark (AD 1050-1536) 
(Supervised by Professor James Wood)

WHITE, Julie–Ph.D. 2019
Investigations into the Genetic Architecture of the Human Face (Supervised by Professor Mark Shriver)


ALWARI, Zaid–Ph.D. 2018
Reconstructing the Rural Economy of Southern Mesopotamia during the Third Millennium B.C. (Supervised by Professor José M. Capriles)

FLAHERTY, Kevin–Ph.D. 2018
Asynchrony and Heterochrony in Embryological Development (Supervised by Professor Joan Richtsmeier)

HANNA, Jonathan–Ph.D. 2018
Ancient Human Behavioral Ecology and Colonization in Grenada, West Indies (Supervised by Professor Douglass Kennett)

KOCH, Sandra–Ph.D. 2018
Variation in Human Hair Morphology and Microstructure (Supervised by Professors Nina Jablonski and Mark Shriver)

MACHNICKI, Allison–Ph.D. 2018
Evolution and Development of Hominoid Vertebral Transitions (Supervised by Professors Nina Jablonski and Philip Reno)

WELKER, Martin–Ph.D. 2018
Adaptation, Translocation, and Breed Specialization:  Exploring the Potential to Identify and Explain Breed Development in European and Native American Domestic Dogs (Canis Familiaris) 
(Supervised by Professor Sarah McClure)


DYRDAHL, Eric–Ph.D. 2017 
Interregional Interaction and Craft Production at Las Orquídeas, Imbabura, Ecuador, during the Late Formative (800 - 400 cal BC) (Supervised by Professor Kenneth Hirth)

EBERT, Claire–Ph.D. 2017 
Preclassic Maya Social Complexity and Origins of Inequality at Cahal Pech, Belize (Supervised by Professor Douglas Kennett)

GETZ, Sara–Ph.D. 2017 
Improved Skeletal Age-at-Death Estimation and Its Impact on Archaeological Analyses (Supervised by Professor George Milner)

KJOSNESS, Kelsey–Ph.D. 2017
Evolutionary and Developmental Mechanisms of Pisiform Growth Plate Loss (Supervised by Professor Philip Reno)

SUKHDEO, Simone–Ph.D. 2017
Shape and Structural Variation in the Distal Femur of Catarrhine Primates (Supervised by Professor Timothy Ryan)

ZAVODNY, Emily–Ph.D. 2017 
New approaches to cultural change and continuity at the Bronze-Iron Age transition in Lika, Croatia (Supervised by Professors George Milner and Sarah McClure)


No Graduates in 2016