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Martin Welker

Graduate Student

418 Carpenter Building
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 867-0014

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. 2015 M.A., Anthropology, The Pennsylvania State University
  2. 2013 B.S., Anthropology, Utah State University


My research focuses on improving our understanding of various aspects of human-environmental interaction, especially human subsistence and landscape modification activities using a combination of faunal, spatial, and statistical analyses. My dissertation research centers on developing a more detailed understanding of the development and persistence of dietary adaptations made by French and British colonists in North America, specifically those associated with the the construction of agricultural environments in North America for which I am developing a dataset of faunal material from the Fortress of Louisbourg and other colonies. I am also involved in the analysis of material from Neolithic sites in Croatia with Dr. Sarah McClure and am conducting morphometrical investigations of early colonial cattle (Stéphane Noel -Laval University), and Native American (Dr. David Byers -Utah State University) and colonial (Rebecca Dunham -Parks Canada) dogs. I also served as the field director for two seasons (2015-2016) of the Penn State Archaeological Field School at Foster Farm, an 19-20th century farmstead.


Frontier Adaptation and Dietary Patterning Among French and British Colonists in North America (1625-1790)

Dissertation Chair(s)

Dr. Sarah McClure

Research Interests

Human-Environmental Interaction, Colonization Events, Zooarchaeology, Morphometrics, Species Introductions, Environmental Modification/Land Use, Evolutionary Ecology, Human Behavioral Ecology