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Andrés G. Mejía Ramón

Andrés G. Mejía Ramón

Ph.D. Candidate

418 Carpenter Hall
The Pennsylvania State University

University Park , Pennsylvania 16802

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. 2016 A.B. Physics, Anthropology with High Honors, Dartmouth College
  2. 2018 M.A. Anthropology, The Pennsylvania State University


I am an environmental archaeologist and remote sensing specialist focusing on the applications of land, air, and spaceborne sensors to archaeology, particularly in Teotihuacan and the Central Mexican Highlands. My primary interest lies in the origins of agricultural intensification in the Teotihuacan Valley, focusing on the roles of amaranth and irrigation in the development of the ancient metropolis of over 125,000 people in a semi-arid environment. I am also interested in how such systems may have led to later complex political systems, ultimately culminating in the establishment of the largest city in the New World before the arrival of the Spanish. I am currently a member of the Northern Basin of Mexico Historical Ecology Project led by Christopher Morehart of the Arizona State University, The Altar de Sacrificios Archaeological Project in Guatemala led by Jessica Munson of Lycoming College, The Proyecto Prehistorico Arenal Project led by Payson Sheets of the University of Colorado, Boulder, Principal Investigator of the Proyecto La Paleohidrología del Valle de Teotihuacanand co-organizer of the International Symposium on the Sociopolitical Organization of Teotihuacan with Linda Manzanilla and Tom Froese of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and Gina Buckley, also of Penn State. For the 2017-2018 academic year, I was also designated NASA Pennsylvania Space Grant Graduate Fellow. 

Dissertation Chair(s)

Kenneth G. Hirth

Research Interests

Archaeometry, Geophysics, Paleohydrology, Agricultural Intensification, Mesoamerica, Remote Sensing, Complex Societies, Urbanism, Environmental Change, State Formation