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Graduate Program Alumni


MCKNIGHT, Matthew – Ph.D. 2007
The Copper Cache in Early and Middle Woodland North America (Supervised by Professor Dean Snow)

SPARKS, Corey – Ph.D. 2007
Households, land and labor: Population dynamics in the Northern Orkney Island, Scotland, 1851 to 2003. (Supervised by Professor James Wood)

BAUCHET, Marc – Ph.D. 2007
Population Genomic Structure of Europe: Informative Markers, Methods and Phenotypes (Supervised by Professor Mark Shriver)

DURAND, Yoshie – Ph.D. 2007
Living Arrangements of the Elderly in Bangkok, Thailand: Impacts of Low Fertility, Life-Courses, and Non-Marriage (Supervised by Professor Patricia L. Johnson)

KOSTER, Jeremy – Ph.D. 2007
Hunting and Subsistence among the Mayangna and Miskito of Nicaragua's Bosawas Biosphere Reserve (Supervised by Professor Stephen Beckerman)


BURGETT, Jessica – Ph.D. 2006
El Paso Polychrome in the Casas Grandes Region, Chihuahua, Mexico: Ceramic Exchange between Paguime and the Jornada Mogollon (K. Hirth)

DUNSWORTH, Holly – Ph.D. 2006
Proconsul Heseloni Feet from Rusinga Island, Kenya (A. Walker)

DEWITTE, Sharon – Ph.D. 2006
The Paleodemography of the Black Death 1347-1351 (J. Wood)

MALDONADO, Blanca – Ph.D. 2006
Preindustrial Copper Production at the Archaeological Zone of Itziparatzico, A Tarascan Location in Michoacan, Mexico (K. Hirth)

ROCKMORE, Matthew – Ph.D. 2006
The Classic/Postclassic Transition: The Maya Of San Jeronimo II Peten, Guatemala (D. Webster)


BIGHAM, Abigail - M.A. 2005
Ace Genotype Effect on Arterial Saturation among Peruvian Quechua. (M. Shriver

HAMMERSTEDT, Scott - Ph.D. 2005
Mississippian Construction, Labor, and Social Organization in Western Kentucky (G.  Milner)

MOLLA, Azizur - Ph.D. 2005
Effects of Water Quality on Incidence of Disease in Rural Bangladesh (E. P.  Durrenberger and G. T. Cornwell)

NELSON, Zachary - Ph.D. 2005
Settlement and Population at Piedras Negras, Guatemala (D. Webster

NORTON, Heather - Ph.D. 2005
Human Skin Pigmentation Variation: A Phenotypic, Genotypic, and Evolutionary Perspective (M. Shriver)

YNGVASON, Johanna - M.A. 2005
Part I: Transnational Prostitution: Migratory Sex Labor between Thailand and Europe (E. P. Durrenberger)


BHARTI, Nita - M.A. 2004 Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Historical importance, antibiotic resistance, and phylogeny (K. Weiss)

DE LEON, Jason - M.A. 2004
Postclassic Period Sal Production in the Basin of Mexico: A Review of Ethnographic, Ethnohistoric, and Archaeological Data (K. Hirth)

GOODWINE, Nicole - M.A. 2004
The Dynamics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Molecular Interactions and Patterns of Infection (J. Wood)

JONES, Eric - M.A. 2004
Using GIS to Explore Settlement Choice: A Case Study of the Onondaga Iroquois (D. Snow)

KING, Thomas - Ph.D. 2004Success and Transformation, Collective Marketing and Commonpool Credit in a Belizean Fishing Cooperative: An Empirical Example of a Multi-Tiered Collective Action Problem (E.P. Durrenberger)

LAWSON, Heather - M.A. 2004
Sleepless Nights and Tractable Factors:  The Development of Genetic Mapping from Genes to Markers (K. Weiss)

MYERS, Bethany - M.A. 2004
The Rise of Tlaloc: New Interpretations of the Offerings at the Templo Mayor (D. Webster)

NIELSEN, Thomas - M.A. 2004
Food Availability, Disease, Health and Preindustrial Population Dynamics (G. Milner

RODRIGUEZ, Leila - M.A. 2004
Generations and Motivations: Russian and other Former Soviet Immigrants in Costa Rica (J. Cohen)

WEETS, Jaimin - Ph.D. 2004
A Dental Anthropological Approach to Issues of Migration and Population Continuity in Ancient Ireland (G. Milner)