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Graduate Program Alumni


BONILLA, Carolina - Ph.D. 2003 
Admixture in Three Hispanic Populations: Ancestry Proportions, Population Structure, and
Gene Mapping (M. Shriver)

THOMAS, Rebecca F. - Ph.D. 2002
Enamel Defects, Well-Being and Mortality in a Medieval Danish Village (J. Wood)

WENDT, Carl - Ph.D. 2003
Earl Formative Domestic Organization and Community Patterning in the San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan Region, Veracruz, Mexico (K. Hirth)

KOSTER, Jeremy - M.A. 2003
Nutrients as Complements and Constraints in Optimal Foraging Models (S. Beckerman)

HILL, Cheryl - M.A. 2003
Eigenshape Analysis of the Ts65Dn Vertebral Canal (J. Richtsmeier)

SHOLTIS, Samuel - M.A. 2003
The Ontogeny and Phylogeny of Developmental Thought (K. Weiss)

VIALL, Abigail - M.A. 2003
The Racial Matrix: Medical Redux Probing a Social Reality for Biomedical Relevance (M. Shriver)


SCHULENBERG, Janet - Ph.D. 2002
The Point Peninsula to Owasco Transition in Central New York (D. Snow)

CASTANZO, Ronald - Ph.D. 2002
The Development of Socioeconomic Complexity in the Formative Period Central Puebla-Tlaxcala Basin, Mesico (K. Hirth)

GUTIERREZ, Gerardo - Ph.D. 2002
The Expanding Polity: Patterns of the Territorial Expansion of the Post-Classic Senorio of  Tlapa-Tlachinollan in the Mixteca-Nahuatl-Tlapaneca Region of Guerrero (K. Hirth)

MURTHA, Timothy - Ph.D. 2002
Land and Labor: Classic Maya Terraced Agriculture at Caracol, Belize (D. Webster)

LASHBROOK, Rachel - M.A. 2002

MOLLA, Azizur - M.A. 2002
Effect of Family Planning in Reducing Maternal Mortality in Developing Countries (P. Johnson)

NORTON, Heather - M.A. 2002

ROCHETTE, Erick - M.A. 2002

RUSSELL, Jessica - M.A. 2002
Epilepsy Through the Ages (P. Durrenberger)

CLARK, Vanessa - Ph.D. 2002
Haplotype Analysis of Chemokine and Chemokine Receptor Polymorphisms (K. Weiss)

DUPREE, Michael - Ph.D. 2002
A candidate Gene Study and a Full Genome Screen for Male Homosexuality  (J. Kurland and K. Weiss)


BORSTEIN, Joshua - Ph.D. 2001
Tripping Over Colossal Heads: Settlement Patterns and Population Development in the Upland Olmec Heartland (K. Hirth)

WHITE, Sharon - Ph.D. 2001
To Secure a Lasting Peace: A Diachronic Analysis of Seventeenth-Century Susquehannock Political and Economic Strategies (D. Snow)

PFAFF, Carrie - Ph.D. 2001
Estimating Admixture Dynamics: Implications for Mapping Genes (M. Shriver)

DEWITTE, Sharon - M.A. 2001
Syphilis: Origin, Pathogenesis, and Phylogeny (J. Wood)

DUNSWORTH, Holly - M.A. 2001 
The Origin of Throwing in Human Evolution (A. Walker)

MALDONADO, Blanca - M.A. 2001
Metallurgy and the Political Economy of the Tarascan State: A Model (K. Hirth)

MCKNIGHT, Matthew - M.A. 2001 
Trade Relationships and Sociopolitical Complexity: a Comparison of Exchange in
Mississippian Polities and Mesoamerica (G. Milner)

MCREYNOLDS, Theresa - M.A. 2001
Humans and Their Environments: Recent Ideas and Research Trends in the Anthropological
Literature (F. Hayashida)

BULLOCK, Meggan - M.A. 2001 
Evidence of Elite Competition in Four Classic Maya Polities (D. Webster)

ROBERTSON, Sherman - Ph.D. 2001
Low-Income African American Custodial and Non-Custodial Fathers: Socio-Demographic
Characteristics, Structure of Social Networks and Fathering Attitudes (P. Draper) 

FOSTER, Howard - Ph.D. 2001
Long Term Average Rate Maximization of Creek Indian Residential Mobility: A Test of the
Marginal Value Theorem (D. Snow)

THOMAS, Richard - Ph.D. 2001
Y-Chromosome Variation in the Yanomamo (K.Weiss) 

TIWARI, Geetanjali - Ph.D. 2001
Polyandry Versus Monogamy: Social and Economic Evidence from the Northwest Himalayan
Region of Kinnaur, India (S. Beckerman)

GOODREAU, Steven - Ph.D. 2001
A Random Graph Model Approach to the Study of HIV-1 Population Genetics in Human
Populations with Structured Mixing (K.Weiss)


On The Frontier: Archaeological Survey at Talavash Tepe and Boztepe, Turkey (A. Joffe)

Seasonality of Fertility in the Laguna de Sinamaica, Venezuela (J. Wood)

Iroquoian Food Techniques and Technologies: An Examination of Susquehannock Vessel
Form and Function (D. Snow)

Identifying the Genetic Mechanisms of Dental Variation in Cercopithecoid Primates (A.

A Multistate Model of Health and Mortality for Paleodemography: Tirup Cemetery (J. Wood and G. Milner)

A Study of the Late Postclassic Aztec-Tarascan Frontier in Northern Guerrero, Mexico: The
Oztuma-Cutzamala Project (K. Hirth)

BALUJA, Kaari - Ph.D. 2000 
Gender Role Attitudes among Bangladeshi Immigrants: An Origin and Destination Area Study
(P. Johnson)