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Phoebe Canagarajah

BA in Anthropology and BS in Biobehavioral Health
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Phoebe Canagarajah

Ms. Phoebe Canagarajah earned her BA in Anthropology and BS in Biobehavioral Health, with a minor in Global Health from Penn State in 2016. Before graduating, Phoebe served as a writing tutor for Penn State Learning; administrative intern for the Pregnancy Resource Clinic in State College; intern for PEER servants, researching housing and education microfinance in Sri Lanka; and E-intern for the USAID website Global Innovation Exchange. She is currently a public health educator working for the Peace Corps in Guinea, West Africa. According to Phoebe,

“My anthropology degree has increased my marketability to employers by developing and showcasing an ability to understand diverse biological and cultural topics, as well as flexibility as a learner. This flexibility also aided my acceptance into the Peace Corps. My experience with cultural anthropology in particular increased my adaptability to new beliefs and worldviews, and consequently helped me integrate into Guinean society. Overall, my anthropology degree has given me great versatility, and I got to study some awesome material!”