Adam Sedgwick to his pupil Charles Darwin
"I cannot promise to teach you all geology; I can only fire your imaginations."

Thomas Huxley, Darwin's advocate, on teaching
"And my method had this great advantage; it involved the certainty that somebody would profit by my effort to teach properly. Whatever my hearers might do, I myself always learned something by lecturing. And to those who have experience of what a heart-breaking business teaching is–how much the can't-learns and won't-learns and don't-learns predominate over the do-learns–will understand the comfort of that reflection." (from Man's Place in Nature) --->But there's little joy in learning alone, and faculty members love to teach the students who want to be learn.

Other corny but true quotes:

Ben Franklin
"Tell me, I will forget; Teach me, I will remember; Involve me, and I will learn." --> It's a big university, but I'll try!

Confucius, 500BC
"In teaching, there should be no class distinctions."

Woody Hayes, Ohio State University football coach
"If it's too easy, it ain't worth much."

Penn State courses: generally offered in Fall Semesters

I do not teach regular courses, but I have been giving annual guest lectures in the following course:

IBIOS 598B - Genomics (team taught: see IBIOS listings for details; next time Fall 2013)

I also may give guest lectures in the Bioanthropology core course, Anth 571

Non Penn State course:

Logical Reasoning in Human Genetics

This is a mini-course offered in various places & countries from time to time. It considers the amount, origin, and understanding of genetic variation associated with human disease and approaches to finding and characterizing that variation. Joe Terwilliger ( and sometimes with others (Brad Towne, Harald Goring so far). We've taught this in Helsinki, Berlin, Madrid, and Maricaibo, Venezuela. The next scheduled offering is a more practical hands-on version including simulation and other software, in Helsinki or Germany in late 2013, but this is not yet set, so contact Joe or me about details.