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Elizabeth 'Biz' Wright

Center for Human Evolution and Diversity Post-Doctoral Researcher 2015-2018

Biz joined us following the completion of her PhD in Curriculum & Instruction in Science Education at the University of Washington. Prior to her graduate work, Biz taught middle school science in the Boston area for seven years. Her research focuses, in part, on the ways that science teachers leverage relationships with students to support participation and engagement, particularly among English Learners. She also examines the nature of collaboration among English Learners and their English fluent peers in the context of problem-based science classrooms.

Towards the ultimate goal of increasing interest and participation in science among underrepresented minorities, at Penn State Biz worked on designing a genetics and genealogy curriculum that invites historically marginalized students to experience the personal relevance that science can have in their daily lives, as doers and consumers of science.