Current Research

Admixture Map

Access the latest data on our developing admixture map. This map has two elements:

  1. a geographical map of admixture proportions in ethnographically defined population samples, and
  2. a genomic map which shows data on the admixture marker map including the chromosomal positions and levels of allele frequency differential for important markers

Ancestry Informative Markers

Available here are the primer sequences, amplification conditions, genotyping details, and population allele frequencies for the markers that we are developing. These markers are especially useful for estimating ancestral proportions, mapping by admixture linkage disequilibrium (MALD), and forensic ethnic affiliation estimation.

Prospects for Complex Disease Mapping

There are several gene mapping projects underway in our laboratory, including NIDDM in Hispanics, hypertension and obesity in African-Americans, keloids, pigmentation genes, and genes for tooth features. These seemingly disparate projects are related by the common thread of admixture.

Human Pigmentation

Our studies of human pigmentation.