On Land and Sea Book CoverOn Land and Sea examines the condition of biosystems on Caribbean islands at the time of first colonization by Native Americans, interactions between humans and those systems through time, and the current state of biological resources in the West Indies.  Drawing on a massive data set collected from long-term archaeological research, the study reconstructs past lifeways on these small tropical islands.  The volume provides a storehouse of information on the human ecology of the Caribbean and illuminates the processes of colonization of an island system anywhere in the world.

Case Studies in Environmental Archaeology Book CoverThis volume contains case studies in environmental archaeology that apply data obtained from various disciplines--including zooarchaeology, archaeobotany, human biology, and geoarchaeology--to explore important anthropological issues.  Studies include geological and biological data from sites located in North America, the Caribbean basin, and South America.  Rather than critiquing or advocating specific environmental techniques, each study demonstrates how and why the information obtained from their use is important to anthropologists and archaeologists.