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  1. Alumni


Landscape Archaeology and GIS

Richard Bankoff

  • Ph.D. Graduate, 2020

Gina M. Buckley

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Isotope Analysis, Bioarchaeology, Mesoamerican Archaeology, Mortuary Rituals, Urbanization, Paleodemography, Migration
Evolution of human sexuality and applied social dynamics

Sean Carr

  • IUG Graduate Student

Evolutionary psychology and human sex differences

Eric Dyrdahl

  • Profesor Auxiliar, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador

Economic Anthropology, Interregional Interaction, Craft Production, Geochemical Sourcing, Shellworking, Obsidian

Claire Ebert

  • Visiting Scholar, Center for Comparative Archaeology (University of Pittsburgh)

Emergence of complexity, Human-environment interaction, Formative Mesoamerica, Household and settlement archaeology, Ancient economies, Radiocarbon dating, Stable isotope analysis, geochemical sourcing, GIS and remote sensing

Kevin V Flaherty

  • Ph.D. Graduate 2018

Craniofacial Development and Morphology

Lia Gavazzi

  • IUG Graduate Student

Bianca L. Gentil

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Richard J. George

  • Ph.D. Graduate 2020

Skeletal Age Estimation, Human Variation, Bioarchaeology, Forensic Anthropology

Jennifer Haney

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Paleoethnobotany, Anthropogenic Landscapes
Pre-Columbian Caribbean (Lesser Antilles), Geoarchaeology, Community Archaeology, Human Behavioral Ecology, Ancient Maya (Belize)
Mesoamerican archaeology and textiles

Elijah Hermitt

  • IUG Graduate Student

Alex Hill

  • Lecturer
  • Biocultural Anthropology
  • University of Washington

behavioral biology, biological anthropology, primatology, sexual selection, vocalization

Sean Hixon

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

(814) 865-5342

Christopher Jazwa

  • Post Doctoral Scholar

(814) 863-2244

Coastal Human Paleoecology, Archaeometry

Nadia Johnson

  • Ph.D. Graduate 2020

Eric Jones

  • Ph.D. Graduate, 2008

Emily Kate

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Mesoamerican Archaeology, Bioarchaeology, Paleodemography, and Migration Studies
bioarchaeology, paleoepidemiology, paleodemography

Logan Kistler

  • Senior Research Fellow

Kelsey Kjosness

  • Ph.D. Graduate, 2017

Human Evolutionary and Developmental Biology

Sandra Koch

  • Ph.D.Graduate 2018

(814) 867-0018

Human variation with a focus on hair microstructure and morphology, TEM, microscopy, forensic analysis

Kate M. Lesciotto

  • Ph.D. Graduate 2020

Human Anatomy; Skeletal Biology; Morphological and Genetic Variation in Modern Humans; Forensic Anthropology; Geometric Morphometrics

Denise Liberton

  • Ph.D. Graduate, 2012

Greg Luna

  • Lecturer of Anthropology

(814) 865-1341

Mesoamerica, Chinampa Agriculture, GIS

Allison Machnicki

  • Ph.D. Penn State - 2017

Anatomy, Functional Morphology, and Developmental Biology
Violence and Warfare, Osteology, Viking Age, Early Medieval NW Europe, GIS
Archaeometry, Geophysics, Paleohydrology, Agricultural Intensification, Mesoamerica, Remote Sensing, Complex Societies, Urbanism, Environmental Change, State Formation

Alan Moseley

  • IUG Graduate Student

disease ecology, anthropological demography, molecular epidemiology, spatial demography and epidemiology
Functional Morphology

Chris Percival

  • Post Doctoral Researcher

Evolutionary Biological Anthropology and Sexual Selection

John Starbuck

  • Ph.D. Graduate, Spring 2012

Functional Morphology
Vitamin D and Bone Microstructure
human-environment interactions, cooperation, collective action, GIS & GIScience, geoinformatics, spatial cognition, complex adaptive systems, data visualization, museum studies

Jennifer Wagner

  • Academic Affiliate and Ph.D. Graduate 2010

Ziyu (Raining) Wang

  • Ph.D. Graduate Student

Martin Welker

  • Ph.D. Graduate, 2018

Human-Environmental Interaction, Colonization Events, Zooarchaeology, Morphometrics, Species Introductions, Environmental Modification/Land Use, Evolutionary Ecology, Human Behavioral Ecology
Evolution of Human Sexuality

Julie White

  • Ph.D. Graduate 2019

Human facial variation and health; dysmorphological facial phenotypes; evolution of facial features; human skin pigmentation

Eric Young

  • Graduate Student

Mesoamerican Archaeology
Mesoamerican archaeology, ceramic analysis, linguistics, burial sites

Arslan Zaidi

  • Genetics Program Graduate Student

Human-Environment Interaction, Emergence of Social Complexity, European Prehistory, Faunal Analysis, Stable Isotopes, Human & Animal Diet Modeling, Spread of Agriculture & Animal Husbandry, Mortuary Archaeology, Warfare