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Anne Buchanan

Anne Buchanan

Adjunct Senior Research Associate in Anthropology


Curriculum Vitae

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  1. BA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; Anthropology and Latin American Studies, 1977
  2. MPH, University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston; Population Studies, 1979
  3. DrPH, University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston; Population Studies, 1983


Research Activities and Interests:

Dr. Buchanan's research interests include public health, epidemiology, genetic epidemiology, developmental genetics, and evolution.  She has a long-standing interest in complex diseases, such as type II diabetes in Amerindian and Mexican American populations, heart disease and asthma, what we know about the epidemiology and genetics of diseases presumably caused by gene by environment interaction, and why we don't know more. Previous work includes historical demographic and epidemiological research in Laredo, Texas, the genetic epidemiology of diabetes and the New World syndrome in Mvskoke Indians of Oklahoma and Mexican Americans of Laredo, DNA extraction and amplification methods for archived blood samples, gene expression and other laboratory genetics work.  She is part of the group working on the Hominid Cranial Evolution Project with people here and in other institutions, and is the co-author of a new book on evolution and developmental processes.

Selected Publications:

  • Weiss, K., Buchanan, A. (2004) Genetics and the Logic of Evolution, Wiley-Liss.
  • Buchanan, A.V., Weiss, K.M., Fullerton, S.M.  (2006) Dissecting Complex Disease: The Quest for the Philosopher's Stone? International Journal of Epidemiology, 35: 562-571; published online Mar 15.
  • Kawasaki, K., Buchanan, A.V., Weiss, K.M. (2007) Gene Duplication and the Evolution of Vertebrate Skeletal Mineralization, Cells Tissues Organs, June, 186(1): 7-24.
  • Weiss, K.M. and Buchanan, A.V. (2009).  The Mermaid’s Tale: Four Billion Years of Cooperation in the Making of Living Things, Harvard University Press.
  • Buchanan, A.V., Sholtis, S, Richtsmeier, J, Weiss, K.M. (2009) What are genes “for” or where are traits “from”? What is the question? BioEssays, Feb, 31(2): 198-208.
  • Kawasaki, K, Buchanan, A.V., Weiss, K.M. (2009) Biomineralization in Humans: Making the Hard Choices in Life, Annual Review of Genetics , 43:119-142.
  • Weiss, K.M., Buchanan, A.V. (2009) The Cooperative Genome, International Journal of Developmental Biology, 53:753-763.
  • Weiss, K, Buchanan, A  Evolution: what it means and how we know.  Invited chapter for Companion to Physical Anthropology, edited by Clark Larsen, in press.
  • Buchanan, AV (2010) Review of Quirks of Human Anatomy: An Evo-devoLook at the Human Body, Lewis I. Held, Jr, BioEssays 32(6).