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Daniel Parker

Dual Title PhD Program in Anthropology and Demography
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Daniel Parker

Dr. Daniel Parker earned his PhD from Penn State in 2014 in the Dual Title PhD Program in Anthropology and Demography. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Public Health at the University of California, Irvine, where he researches spatial epidemiology and demography, global health and disease ecology. A central research topic is spatiotemporal patters in malaria along the border between Thailand and Myanmar. In this same region, he has studied tuberculosis among migrants and children, in order to better understand how human movement influences the spread of infectious diseases. His work aims to contribute concrete data that can help address public health concerns and improve the efficacy of public health interventions. His numerous publications appear in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases, PLosOne, Infection, Genetics and Evolution, and Malaria Journal. According to Daniel,

“My training in the Penn State Department of Anthropology gave me a strong foundation in scientific anthropology, research design, human ecology and evolution. This was excellent preparation for my interdisciplinary work… There is a strong community within the department at Penn State… one that facilitated learning and research opportunities while I was still working on my degree, was useful when I went on the job market, and continues to be a resource that I use for advice with regard to navigating academia.”

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