ALWARI, Zaid–Ph.D. 2018
Reconstructing the Rural Economy of Southern Mesopotamia during the Third Millennium B.C. (Supervised by Professor José M. Capriles)

FLAHERTY, Kevin–Ph.D. 2018
Asynchrony and Heterochrony in Embryological Development (Supervised by Professor Joan Richtsmeier)

HANNA, Jonathan–Ph.D. 2018
Ancient Human Behavioral Ecology and Colonization in Grenada, West Indies (Supervised by Professor Douglass Kennett)

KOCH, Sandra–Ph.D. 2018
Variation in Human Hair Morphology and Microstructure (Supervised by Professors Nina Jablonski and Mark Shriver)

MACHNICKI, Allison–Ph.D. 2018
Evolution and Development of Hominoid Vertebral Transitions (Supervised by Professors Nina Jablonski and Philip Reno)

WELKER, Martin–Ph.D. 2018
Adaptation, Translocation, and Breed Specialization:  Exploring the Potential to Identify and Explain Breed Development in European and Native American Domestic Dogs (Canis Familiaris) 
(Supervised by Professor Sarah McClure)