DYRDAHL, Eric–Ph.D. 2017 
Interregional Interaction and Craft Production at Las Orquídeas, Imbabura, Ecuador, during the Late Formative (800 - 400 cal BC) (Supervised by Professor Kenneth Hirth)

EBERT, Claire–Ph.D. 2017 
Preclassic Maya Social Complexity and Origins of Inequality at Cahal Pech, Belize (Supervised by Professor Douglas Kennett)

GETZ, Sara–Ph.D. 2017 
Improved Skeletal Age-at-Death Estimation and Its Impact on Archaeological Analyses (Supervised by Professor George Milner)

KJOSNESS, Kelsey–Ph.D. 2017
Evolutionary and Developmental Mechanisms of Pisiform Growth Plate Loss (Supervised by Professor Philip Reno)

SUKHDEO, Simone–Ph.D. 2017
Shape and Structural Variation in the Distal Femur of Catarrhine Primates (Supervised by Professor Timothy Ryan)

ZAVODNY, Emily–Ph.D. 2017 
New approaches to cultural change and continuity at the Bronze-Iron Age transition in Lika, Croatia (Supervised by Professors George Milner and Sarah McClure)