BANKOFF, Richard–M.A. 2015 (Masters Along the Way)
No evidence for genomic convergence between true echolocating mammals and the aye-aye (Daubentonia Madagascariensis) a primate auditory specialist. (Supervised by Professor George "PJ" Perry)

CARR, Sean–M.A. (IUG) 2015
Geochemical Characterization of Obsidian Subsources in Highland Guatemala. (Supervised by Professor Kenneth Hirth)

COLEMAN, Rebecca–M.A. 2015 (Masters Along the Way)
FLG, Pigmentation, and Vitamin D Expression. (Supervised by Professor George "PJ" Perry)

GENTIL, Bianca–M.A 2015 (Masters Along the Way)
Modeling Late Classic Maya Political Infrastructure: Identifying a Peer-Polity Political & Economic Systems in Northwestern Belize. (Supervised by Professor Kenneth Hirth)

HANNA, Jonathan–M.A. 2015 (Masters Along the Way)
A New Radiocarbon Sequence From Lamanai, Belize: Chronometric Insights from one of Mesoamericas's Most Enduring Communities. (Supervised by Professor Douglas Kennett)

JAZWA, Chris–Ph.D 2015
A Dynamic Ecological Model for Human Settlement on California's Northern Channel Islands. (Supervised by Professor Douglas Kennett)

JOHNSON, Nadia–M.A. 2015 (Masters Along the Way)
Francisco Hernandez and the Use of Plants in Early Colonial New Spain
(Supervised by Professor Kenneth Hirth)

MOSELEY, Alan–M.A. (IUG) 2015
Iron Age Canaan:  Regional Trends in Animal Economy
(Supervised by Professors Sarah McClure and Ann Killebrew)

POPE, Lauramarie–M.A. 2015
Relationship Satisfaction and Disagreement on Relationship Characteristics
(Supervised by Professor David Puts)

TREMBLAY, Suzanna–M.A. 2015 (Masters Along the Way)
Skeletal Age Estimates: A Comparison of Four Methods. (Supervised by Professor George Milner)

WELKER, Martin–M.A. 2015 (Masters Along the Way)
Testing the effects of military provisioning using faunal data from Fort Shirley, Pennsylvania. (Supervised by Professor Sarah McClure)