DOLL, Leslie–M.A. 2014
How Well Do Men’s Faces and Voices Index Mate Quality and Dominance?(Supervised by Professor David Puts)

HAYWARD, Anne–M.A. 2014
The Textiles of El Gigante, Honduras. (Supervised by Professor Kenneth Hirth)

HILL, Alexander–Ph.D 2014
Sexual Selection and Vocalization in Humans and Nonhuman Anthropoid Primates. (Supervised by Professor David Puts)

LUNA, Gregory–Ph.D.  2014
Modeling the Aztec Agricultural Waterscape of Lake Xochimilco: A GIS Analysis of Lakebed Chinampas and Settlement. (Supervised by Professor Kenneth Hirth)

MACHNICKI, Allison–M.A. 2014 (Masters Along the Way)
The Evolution of Lumbar Zygapophyses in Primates. (Supervised by Professor Philip Reno)

PARKER, Daniel–Ph.D. 2014
Border Demography and Border Malaria among Karen Populations along the Thailand-Myanmar Border. (Supervised by Professor James Wood)