BUNDY, Jason– M.S. (IUG) 2013
Total sexual selection on men's voices. (Supervised by Professor David Puts)

EBERT, Claire–M.A. 2013 (Masters Along the Way)
Assessing Formative Period Obsidian Exchange from La Zanja, Guerrero, Mexico using PXRF. (Supervised by Professor Douglas Kennett)

FLAHERTY, Kevin–M.A. 2013 (Masters Along the Way)
Genetic and Cellular Mechanisms of Craniosynostosis in Cranial Vault Sutures. (Supervised by Professor Joan Richtsmeier)

KJOSNESS, Kelsey–M.A. 2013 (Masters Along the Way)
Regulation and Differential Gene Expression Driving Limb Formation and Growth. (Supervised by Professor Philip Reno)

PERCHALSKI, Bernadette–M.S. (IUG) 2013
Multivariate Analysis of Three-Dimensional Trabecular Bone Architecture in Living and Fossil Primates. (Supervised by Professor Timothy Ryan)

PERCIVAL, Christopher–Ph.D. 2013
The Influence of Angiogenesis on Craniofacial Development and Evolution. (Supervised by Professor Joan Richtsmeier)

Comparing von  Luschan skin color tiles and mondern spectrophotometry for measuring human skin pigmentation. (Supervised by Professor Nina Jablonski)

YOUNG, Eric–M.A. 2013
Violent  Young Males: Considering Human Aggression. (Supervised by Professor David Webster)