BISSAT, Johanna–Ph.D. 2012
For a Better Life: The Integration of Thai Marriage, Family, and Labor Migrants in Iceland. (Supervised by Professors Stephen A. Matthews and Ralph Oropesa)

GRIFFIN, Robert–Ph.D. 2012
The Carrying Capacity of Ancient Maya Swidden Maize Cultivation: A Case Study in the Region around San Bartolo, Peten, 
Guatemala. (Supervised by Professor David Webster)

KISTLER, Logan–Ph.D. 2012
Investigating Crop Plant Origins in the Americas Using Ancient DNA and Experimental Plant Developmental Research. (Supervised by Professor Lee Newsom)

LIBERTON, Denise–Ph.D. 2012
An Investigation into Genes Underlying Normal Variation in Facial Morphology in Admixed Populations. (Supervised by Professor Mark Shriver)

STARBUCK, John–Ph.D. 2012
Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21): Developmental Implications from Morpho-metric Investigations of the Effects of Gene-Dosage Imbalance upon Craniofacial Phenotypes in Humans and the Ts1Yey Down Syndrome Mouse Model. (Supervised by Professor Joan Richtsmeier)

STRAIGHT, Kirk–Ph.D. 2012
Consumption of Pottery and Lithics in the Peripheries of Tikal, Guatemala. (Supervised by Professor David Webster)

SUKHDEO, Simone–M.A. 2012
Trabecular Bone Structure in the Humeral and Femoral Heads of Quadrupedal Primates and Carnivorans.  (Supervised by Professor Timothy Ryan)

ZAVODNY, Emily–M.A. 2012 (Masters Along the Way)
Temporal and Spatial Variation in Late Prehistoric Warfare in Eastern North America. (Supervised by Professors Sarah McClure and George Milner)