ANDERSON, J. Heath – Ph.D. 2009
Prehispanic Settlement Patterns and Agricultural Production in Tepeaca, Puebla, Mexico, AD 200-1519. (Supervised by Professor Kenneth Hirth)

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Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of the Adoption of the Bow and Arrow in Southeastern North America: A Pilot Study. (Supervised by Professor George Milner)

DOMBROWSKI, Daniel – M.A. (IUG) 2009
The House that Brant Built: Historic Architecture through Modern Eyes. (Supervised by Professor Dean Snow)

FRENCH, Kirk – Ph.D. 2009
The Hydroarchaeological Approach: Understanding the Ancient Maya Impact on the Palenque Watershed. (Supervised by Professor David Webster)

MESSER, Andrea – Ph.D. 2009
Small Ancestral Pueblo Sites in the Mesa Verde Region: Location, Location, Location. (Supervised by Professor George Milner)

PERCIVAL, Christopher – M.A. 2009 (Masters Along the Way)
A Historical Perspective on the Theories and Scale of Evolution. |(Supervised by Professor Joan Richtsmeier)

ROCHETTE, Erick – Ph.D. 2009
The Late Classic Organization of Jade Artifact Production in the Middle Motagua Valley, Zacapa, Guatemala.  (Supervised by Professor Kenneth Hirth)

STARBUCK, John – M.A. 2009 (Masters Along the Way)
The Affect of Tissue Depth Variation on Craniofacial Reconstructions.(Supervised by Professor Joan Richtsmeier)

ORTMANN, Nicole – M.A. 2009 
The No Children Medicine: Botanical Abortifacients and Contraceptives from the Amazon Region. (Supervised by Professor Lee Newsom)

RODRIGUEZ, Leila – Ph.D. 2009 
Economic Adaptation and the Self-Employment Experience of Nigerian Immigrants in New York City. (Supervised by Professor Patricia Johnson)

WOLFF, Sarah – M.A. 2009 
Vocal masculinity affects perceptions of dominance among men independently of observers’ own dominance. (Supervised by Professor David Puts)