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Biological Anthropology

People specializing in this area


Human-environment interactions, Hunter gatherer socio-ecology, human behavioral ecology, costly signaling, gender
Evolutionary anthropology of human health, disease ecology, nutrition, socio-ecological systems, bushmeat hunting, Nigeria
Warfare and violence, collective behavior, human behavioral ecology, small-scale societies, social organization
Paleoanthropology, Human adaptation, Skin pigmentation, Human diversity, STEM education
Demography, Spatial Inequality, Population Health, Ecologic Exposure, Spatial Analysis
Eastern North American archaeology; Small-scale society warfare; Paleodemography; Paleoepidemiology; Skeletal age estimation
Anthropological genomics, Paleogenomics (ancient DNA), Human rainforest hunter-gatherers, Human impacts on non-human evolutionary biology, Parasites as proxies for human evolution, Madagascar people and lemurs
behavioral endocrinology, evolutionary psychology, sex differences, sexual selection, sexuality
Craniofacial development, Craniosynostosis, Genetics of craniofacial development, and Genotype-phenotype correspondence
human evolution, trabecular bone, biomechanics, skeletal biology microCT
Human Genetics, Population Genetics, Population Genomics, Sexually Dimorphism, Pigmentation, Hair Form, Facial Features, Predictive Biometrics, Molecular Photofitting, DNA Phenotyping