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Sarah McClure

Sarah McClure is an environmental archaeologist who works on early farming societies in southern Europe. She conducts fieldwork in Spain and Croatia and in the lab focuses on faunal and ceramic analyses. She is interested in working with students who wish to pursue research on questions relating to the origins or spread of farming in the Old World and/or questions of human-animal relationships in the past.
Sarah McClure

Dr. McClure is an environmental archaeologist interested in the spread of farming in the Mediterranean and Europe. Her research focuses on environmental and social impacts of early farming societies, particularly questions of human-animal interactions, changes in land use through time, the role of local and regional exchange networks, ceramic technology, food consumption, and the emergence of social inequality.

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Claire Ebert

Graduate student Claire Ebert using a GPS to mark the location of a spring likely used by the ancient Maya for fresh water at the site of Uxbenk√°, in Belize.

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