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Nina Jablonski

Nina Jablonski’s conducts research on human and primate evolution, with emphasis on studies of adaptation to the environment. The primary focus of her research is on the evolution of human and primate integument, with special emphasis on the evolution of human skin pigmentation and hair.
Nina Jablonski

Jablonski’s many “skin projects” include studies of the effects of skin pigmentation on health, of modern mismatches between human phenotypes and urban environments, and of attitudes toward skin color in the past and today.  Jablonski’s secondary research focus is in primate paleontology, and on studies aimed at elucidating the evolutionary history and the history of adaptation to the environment of the Old World monkeys. This work includes active fieldwork and recovery of primary fossil material from sites in Yunnan Province of southwestern China, and studies of previously recovered fossil materials studies from Asia and Africa.  In both her major areas of research, Jablonski collaborates with investigators and educators from many countries.

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